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Latest Campaign Updates

Backflash in Glasgow to be scrapped

The SPHA's campaign to eliminate the requirement on backflash window stickers has concluded with success. From January 2024, private hire cars in Glasgow will no longer need to display a rear window backflash sticker. This change marks a historic milestone for self-employed private hire drivers, signifying a defining moment in the industry.

Edinburgh Drivers Plan Protest

SPHA members in Edinburgh have begun mobilising against council plans to ban private hire cars from George Street in the city's New Town area. Plans for a large scale protest are underway as are talks with various other organisations.

Consultation on Age Limits Begins

The SPHA has been campaigning in Glasgow for private hire car age limits to be increased to 10 years. Glasgow City Council are now holding a consultation from 16th June to 11th August on the proposal to increase the age limits.

Latest Branch News

Possible New Branch for East Dunbartonshire

The SPHA's General Secretary has hinted at the possibility of a branch being established in East Dunbartonshire. This news comes following discussions with drivers in the area who are unhappy with certain licensing rules.

Re-establishment of East Ren Forum

Following successful talks between the SPHA's branch in East Renfrewshire and East Ren Council, an agreement has been reached to re-establish the area's Hire Car Forum after being closed for a period of 17 years. A huge win for the trade in East Ren.

Emergency Branch Meeting in Edinburgh

An emergency meeting has been called for Edinburgh branch to discuss the emerging problem with private hire cars being banned from George Street. All Edinburgh members are urged to attend: Tues 4th July 2023 at The Carrickvale Centre, EH11 3HH.

West Dun Branch Recognised by Council

The SPHA's West Dunbartonshire branch has been formally recognised as trade stakeholders by West Dun Council. Branch Chair, Lockie Cameron, has also been admitted to join the local hire car forum.

For the Trade, by the Trade

We support and defend our members at licensing hearings and enforcement checks. 
We work to improve working conditions and campaign for positive licensing reforms.
We represent our members at council, government and stakeholder meetings.
We promote high industry standards and seek to foster professionalism in our trade.

Be Supported

General assistance on casework issues

SPHA members recieve help and support when dealing with licensing departments to get quick and effective resolution to their licensing issues.
SPHA caseworkers provide an excellent support service to our members in all their dealings with council licensing departments and others.
Our teams have good working relationships with licensing staff and get past council 'goalkeepers' to get issues sorted fast.

Be Covered

Legal protection for your private hire licence

SPHA members benefit from the peace of mind of having licensing protection included as part of their membership
If the worst happens and the licence of an SPHA member is under threat then our legal protection offers cover and defence.
Members of the SPHA are professionally represented at licensing hearings with an excellent rate of success.
Our members can also access our network of preferred lawyers and solicitors with specialisms in all areas of civic licensing.

The SPHA Mission

The Scottish Private Hire Association (SPHA) is the leading trade body for licensed private hire drivers in Scotland. We form a powerful collective voice to represent the concerns of our members while working to improve the private hire trade and to defend the livelihoods of drivers.

The SPHA is at the forefront of a growing movement of private hire drivers coming together to achieve positive changes for the trade. By advocating for the industry at government and council levels, our team has successfully lobbied for the adoption of several licensing policies across multiple council areas.

Our mission is to drive positive reforms in the private hire trade and to seek improvements to the licensing regime.  In doing so, the SPHA consults and engages with other trade stakeholders, with councils and licensing departments, with the Scottish Government, and with Police Scotland.

SPHA members also enjoy legal protection for their private hire licences.  Our members are professionally represented at licensing hearings and enforcement checks. 

The SPHA also defends the trade from events that threaten the earning potential and working conditions of the industry as a whole. Join us in our mission to improve the Scottish private hire trade.

Recognised & Respected

The SPHA are officially recognised as trade stakeholders

The SPHA are recognised as trade stakeholders by multiple councils as well as with the Scottish Government and many other organisations.

We are also trade consultants to the Scottish Government where we help guide and shape the future of licensing legislation.

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