The Scottish Private Hire Association

The General Secretary

The SPHA is led by the General Secretary who acts as a figurehead and spokesperson for the association as a whole.  He also chairs the National Strategy Committee as well as overseeing and administering the executive and business functions of the association.

The current General Secretary is Eddie Grice who assumed office in February 2022.

The General Secretary is assisted by a Deputy who acts as an aide and an advisor.  The current Deputy General Secretary is John Paul Duffy.

About Eddie Grice

Eddie came to prominence during the COVID pandemic by getting involved in the calls for financial support for the private hire trade during lockdowns. He helped organise the protest efforts in Glasgow where drivers staged a go-slow convoy and then later formed a blockade of George Square.  The efforts of Eddie and his team led to them being offered a seat at the negotiating table with the Scottish Government where they successfully helped secure financial support grants for drivers across Scotland.  That same team is the team behind the Scottish Private Hire Association today and, since then, they have been at the forefront of virtually all major campaigns in the Scottish private hire trade.

Eddie is also the SPHA's lead caseworker with an outstanding knowledge of civic licensing legislation, employment law and general legal principles.  He handles most of the association's work in licensing courts and has successfully defended the licences of our members time and time again.

SPHA General Secretary and
Chair of the National Strategy Committee

Eddie Grice

Date of Election
28th February 2022

Term Expires
Spring 2024

Motto of Office
Ad Te, Ad Mercaturam
(Yours, For The Trade)

The Scottish Private Hire Association,
48 West George Street,
Glasgow, G2 1BP.

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Glasgow Branch:
Edinburgh Branch:
East Ren Branch:
West Dun Branch:


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